Adult Programs

Adult-button_2DDRR’s adult dialogue is unique because it provides a process to identify and develop long-term solutions to division and inequity.  Unlike other dialogue models, which typically consist of a one or two-day event, DDRR’s model consists of nine hours of honest conversation which takes place over several days.

The DDRR Adult Dialogue Model is based on:

  • Honest Conversation
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Reconciliation


The sessions are led by two trained facilitators and include the following topics:

The nine hours of conversation may be delivered in:

  • Three – 3 hour sessions over a three day period
  • One – 3 hour session a week over a three week period or
  • Customized – we’ll work with you to design what works best for your organization or group


Must be racially balanced and can include from 6 to 10 participants.
The ideal group size is 8 which allows for better sharing of experiences.