The Dayton Dialogue on Race Relations believes that an effective way in which a community is able to address diversity and move beyond blame and guilt, beyond hatred and fear, is to provide a forum that allows for open and honest conversations between its citizens of diverse backgrounds.  The following statements are a small sampling of comments from some of the individuals who have participated in “The Dialogue”.

“It allowed me to vocalize the things I wanted to vocalize. Before the Dialogue, I was apathetic, busy with my own life. But you can be part of the problem or part of the solution. Going to a Dialogue lets you become a part of the solution.”
– An African American business executive

“Feelings are revealed. The one-on-one conversations let us chip away [at racism] at the grassroots level.”
– A Caucasian computer programmer

“Here’s a safe environment where you can share personal experiences. There’s no way you can solve Dayton’s racial problems if you first can’t deal with your own issues. This is why the Dayton Dialogue is so important.”
– A DDRR facilitator

“We had an honest discussion even though we didn’t always agree with each other.”
– A health care professional

“While participating in the Dialogue, I learned that by having the opportunity to share personal information and personal experiences in a safe and respectful environment, attendees received an “out-of-the-classroom” education about the life of others that they may not have “heard” or “acknowledged” prior to attending.  Also, individuals had the opportunity to share concerns and issues related to bias, hate, discrimination and unfair treatment; often times those experiences go unnoticed and untold.  The Dayton Dialogue on Race Relations provides the facilitation expertise, time, space and more importantly the opportunity for diverse members of communities to share their “story”, to be heard and acknowledged, to be transformed and to create synergy towards collective change for the common good!”
– Assistant Vice President for Student Services for local University